Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) integrates the marketplace, workplace, environment and community concerns with business operations across all interactions with its stakeholders.

As the capital markets’ business model encompasses a broad spectrum of relationships with stakeholders, it requires implementing a diligent approach to cultivate those relationships to be able to create long-term value across each stakeholder group.

DFM’s sustainability strategy aims to lead as the region’s sustainable marketplace by creating long-term shared value for DFM stakeholders by 2025.

DFM’s sustainability policy prioritizes sustainability in every aspect of its corporate strategy and organizational operations to create this value.

The following goals are the general blueprint of how DFM plans to implement its sustainability strategy:

    • Encourage listed companies to adopt ESG reporting practices
    • Raise awareness on the growing interest of ESG among global and local investors, and market participants
    • Contribute to Dubai’s and the UAE’s sustainable development agenda