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DFM Investor Relations

As a publicly listed company, the Dubai Financial Market's (DFM) mission is to embark upon a sustainable Investor Relations (IR) program which enables the DFM to keep its investors and the market informed about its activities, developments and events that may influence the share price.

DFM Investor Relations provides its investment audience (current and prospective investors, regulators, analysts, brokers and financial journalists) with a clear picture of the company’s past performance and future prospects and acts as a single point of contact. Ultimately the aim of our investor relations program is to maintain supportive stakeholders, and enable a fair market value for the company.

The aim of our IR section is to promote integrity, compliance and accurate & up-to-date information. It is an important communication channel for the DFM to maintain communication flows between the Company and its various stakeholders, and provides the answers to most questions raised by stakeholder groups.

DFM PJSC Strategy

The first regional exchange to be publicly listed.

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Analysts Coverage

Contact details of the DFM Company analysts to access independent research reports.

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Corporate Governance

The systems, principles and processes by which the DFM Company is governed.

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Key Figures

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Financial Reports and Presentations

A principal method of communicating financial information about DFM to outside parties.

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Unclaimed Dividends

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Board of Directors

View profiles of the DFM Board of Directors.

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News and Events

Stay informed of the latest DFM PJSC news and events

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Frequently asked questions relevant to IR.

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