Subscribing online through DFM

Subscribe online through DFM with your iVESTOR card or debit your Bank Account via the UAE Central Bank payment Gateway through the "SUBSCRIBE NOW" link or through DFM Smart Services App (eIPO icon), available during the subscription period only.

DFM EN260w
You will need the following to subscribe online to IPOs and Rights Issues via DFM:

  1. A DFM iVESTOR card which is activated and has sufficient funds or you can use your Bank Account funds to subscribe online through the UAE Central Bank payment gateway.

  2. Your Username and Password for DFM eServices. (If you are not registered, Register here).
Step 1: Complete Online Application

  1. Login to the eIPO link from the DFM website using the same registered Username and Password for eServices.
  2. Complete the subscription form online.
  3. Select the payment method, either iVESTOR card or Bank Account.
  4. Select where you want your shares to be held (within your Broker or Dubai CSD).
  5. Enter number of shares.
  6. Submit the application.

Step 2: Make the subscription payment

  1. Complete the payment through your iVESTOR card or Bank Account.
  2. An email confirmation will be sent to your registered email address with DFM.

Note: If the application is rejected due to insufficient funds on your iVESTOR card or Bank Account, you can re-apply again within the subscription period after ensuring sufficient funds are available.

Step 3: Receive Allocation Notification

  1. An SMS and email notification will be sent to you with the share allocation details.
  2. Any refunds will be credited to your iVESTOR card or Bank Account.
Disclaimer: Neither DFM, the Founders, the Board, the Lead Receiving Bank nor the iVESTOR Card issuing bank shall in anyway be liable for the use of the electronic subscription facility by the Subscriber nor the debiting of the iVESTOR Card by the iVESTOR Card issuing bank, in respect of all and any losses or damages suffered, directly or indirectly as a result of the electronic subscription facility and/or the iVESTOR Card. This disclaimer appears on the DFM website at and shall be considered an integral part of this section.