Brokers Excellence Rating

DFM Brokers Excellence
5-Star Rating

In our efforts to strive for excellence and to continuously work closely with our market participants to promote greater ‘’transparency’’ and ‘’efficiency’’, DFM launched the Brokers Excellence Rating in February 2018. This unique initiative underlines DFM’s efforts to further enhance its investor services and strengthen the leading position of Dubai and the UAE as a centre of excellence in the region and globally. The Rating creates an ongoing mechanism enabling brokerage firms to identify strengths and gaps based on the evaluation conducted by experts and evaluators, as well as the results of customer satisfaction surveys and Mystery Shoppers.

Key objectives of the model for Brokers

  • Provide guidelines and ensure ethical conduct across organizations.
  • Increase quality and productivity.
  • Enhance competitiveness and increase the benefits to all stakeholders.
  • Increase knowledge of DFM products and services.
  • Receive continuous feedback reports from accredited assessors indicating key areas of strengths and improvements to support the development of effective improvement plans.

5 star rating Broker Excellence

2020 Results

DBFS BHM Capital Financial Services P.S.C
RAMZAl Ramz Capital L.L.C
GNSCFinance House Securities Company
DIBDubai Islamic Financial Services Company
ADIF ADIB Securities
UBSICO Financial Brokerage L.L.C.
EBIEmirates NBD Securities
WSBC Al Wathbah Shares & Bonds Center
CBDFCBD Financial Services
FGBInternational Securities L.L.C 
WAFAMena Corp Financial Services L.L.C
AFSAl Ansari Financial Services
EIFBEmirates Islamic Financial Brokerage
MASQMashreq Securities
GSBGlobal For Shares & Bonds Co. L.L.C.

Assessment Period: 

1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020


DFM Brokers Excellence Rating Model

Brokers Excellence Starts Rating Model

The DFM Brokers Excellence Rating enables brokerage firms to be assessed across various channels, in order to identify strengths and gaps based on third-party evaluation to support brokers delivering high quality services through their Call Centres, face–to-face customer interactions or their websites.

For more details on the model rating, the concept and criteria, sub-criteria, and assessment, please download here.