Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to become a custodian member in Dubai CSD?

Is it necessary to submit to DFM the annual custody renewal license issued by the SCA?

How can we migrate a client into our custody if he/she is already an existing investor on the DFM?

Can we receive Corporate Actions announcements automatically as soon as it is released (notifications) or do we need to search for them on the DFM website?

Is it possible to display our contact details on DFM website?

Where can we find all Dubai CSD related forms?

Where can we find all  Dubai CSD related fees?

If a client requires a balance statement, how can we obtain such statements?

Can we obtain a report showing the list of clients to date with their holdings details?

What are the different payment methods available to make the required payment of fees to the Dubai CSD?

Can we access a calendar on a yearly basis showing the dates of all DFM public holidays?

For transfer of securities, which account will the securities be transferred to?

Are we required to stamp and sign each and every document related to clients and global custodians we submit to the DFM?

What is the maximum character limit for investor names appearing on the DFM database?

How can we execute a transfer of dual-listed companies from an external market to the DFM for a particular client (Deposit)?

How do we update a client change of name in the DFM database?

What dividends distribution payment methods are available for our clients in the case of when DFM is the paying agent?

What are the fees for transferring dividends to custodian members’ accounts (per single Corporate Action)?

Can we direct clients to contact DFM on their requests we submit?

Is there a particular format for a global custodian agreement?

What is the exact procedure for Insider Trading?

Can we have access to the system which shows our clients' database?

How can we move a client out of our custody to a direct client NIN?