New Member

The following states the requirements for membership on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and act as an intermediary between the market and investors. In order for an institution to participate on the Dubai Financial Market, it is necessary to become a member first.

Type of membership:

  1. Trading Member.
  2. Trading and Clearing Member.


Trading Member

To become a Trading Member, an applicant must have the following:

  1. An approved license by the local regulator, the Securities and Commodities Authority of the UAE (SCA).
  2. The paid up capital shall not be less than AED 3 million for a trading member.
  3. A copy of the bank guarantee letter in favor of the Authority with a minimum value of AED 1 million.
  4. Official Letter stating the Name of the clearing Member which the TM’s has appointed.
  5. Signed agreement with a clearing Member for the settlement of Customers or company's trades, fees and all account dues. The agreement shall specify the relationship between the trading member and the clearing member, rights and obligations of each party, work procedures, and distribution of the commission between them.